Component based QoS for Real-Time Group Communications

C.M.R. Almeida (Portugal)


Component Based QoS, RealTime Group Communications, QoS Adaptability, QuasiSynchronous Systems, FaultTolerance


The dynamic characteristics of the new emerging communi cation infrastructures make it difficult to build timely and depend able applications. However, there is an increasing demand for applications with such requirements. Even when it is not possible to always offer the best quality-of-service (QoS), it is desirable to have some flexibility in order to be able to select and/or to adapt, in a timely and safe way, the provided QoS, depending on environment conditions at a given moment. In this paper, based on the quasi-synchronous approach, we propose a set of group communication protocols with different QoS properties, that are built in a component based fashion, thus being highly modular and flexible. Each QoS property (time liness, order, agreement) is ensured by a different component. These components are building blocks that can be interconnected to provide the desired QoS.

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