Simulating Realistic Force and Shape of Virtual Cloth with Adaptive Meshes and Its Parallel Implementation in OpenMP

A. Mujahid, K. Kakusho, M. Minoh, Y. Nakashima, S.-I. Mori, and S. Tomita (Japan)


Cloth Simulation, Adaptive Coarsening, Adaptive Refinement and OpenMP.


Realistic simulation and manipulation of virtual cloth based on energy minimization techniques require higher computations. A model realizing force as well as shape to manipulate the virtual cloth demands even more computational cost. Mesh resolution of cloth has a great effect on the computational cost of cloth simulation. Therefore, granularity of mesh must be chosen in a manner that represents the cloth with a minimum computational cost and maintaining the quality (reality) of simulation. In this paper, we propose the adaptive mesh refinement combined with coarsening (AMRC) to have maximum possible efficiency and to maintain the acceptable reality. In addition, we propose an efficient parallel implementation in OpenMP to speed up the processing. AMRC changes the mesh density during execution time and requires the dynamic redistribution of load. A scheme of creating Active-List has been developed to manage the load balancing. We have parallelized the cloth simulation with a satisfactory efficiency by analyzing communication and synchronization overheads caused by OpenMP.

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