Optimization Problems in the Implementation of Distributed MergeSort on Networked Computers

Z. Nedev, T. Gong, and B. Hill (Canada)


Parallel and network computing and algorithms


In this paper we investigate the use of ordinary work stations and/or personnel computers for parallel compu tations. We use Java as a programming language and its Socket mechanisms for communications. With our soft ware, any machine on the internet which is not utilized by its owner can make itself available and may eventually par ticipate as a member of a parallel team. When its owner re turns, the machine goes back to serve him, usually by run ning ordinary sequential software. As an example, we use sorting as a problem and merge sort as an algorithm. Sta tistical results were gathered using machines on the depart mental network. Several optimization problems can arise when deciding which subteam will minimize the total run ning time of parallel merge sort. A solution is offered for two of the problems.

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