CS_Lite: A Lightweight Computational Steering System

S.M. Figueira and S. Bui (USA)


Computational Monitoring and Steering, Clusters of Workstations.


Computational steering environments (CSEs) allow users to interact with applications executing in batch mode. Interaction with an application includes viewing intermediate results of computations and changing the values of program variables during program execution. Currently, most CSEs available are too application specific and too complicated for the user to learn and use. In this paper, we show that computational steering can be done in a simpler, user-friendlier way. Through the use of a C library, CS_Lite provides users with an easy way of incorporating computational steering in their programs. Users need only to add CS_Lite function calls to their existing programs. In addition, a web-based graphical user interface simplifies the steering process and allows for more portability of CS_Lite through a JavaScript 1.2 (or higher) enabled browser. With CS_Lite, users will be able to steer primitive C data types: integers, floating point numbers, and character strings. For more complex data types, a file-transfer utility is provided. CS_Lite also recovers from server failure through the use of redundant servers.

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