JAVAR-KAI: Automatic Parallelizing Compiler

K. Kambara, K. Iwai, and T. Kurokawa (Japan)


Parallel Processing, Multithreaded program, Java, Automatic parallelizing compiler.


This paper proposes an automatic parallelization compiler, JAVAR-KAI, which exploits parallelisms in a sequential Java program and translates into a multithreaded Java program. JAVAR-KAI compiler implemented two kinds of parallelizations, which are inner loop parallelization and outer loop parallelization. Experimental evaluations of multithreaded Java programs generated by JAVAR KAI compiler show about 3.5 times speedup in outer loop parallelization and 3.7 times speedup in inner loop parallelization on 4 CPUs shared memory multiprocessors. In addition, experimental implementation and evaluation of onetime thread generation library is also described.

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