Exploiting Parallelism in the Extended Andorra Model

R. Lopes (Portugal), V.S. Costa (Brazil), and F. Silva (Portugal)


Logic Programming, And-Or Parallelism, Shared Memory


Logic programming provides a high-level view of program ming that gives implementors a vast latitude in what tech niques to research towards obtaining the best performance for logic programs. The Extended Andorra Model was designed towards achieving reduction of the search space whilst exploiting all the available parallelism in the appli cation. The BEAM is a first sequential implementation for the Extended Andorra Model with Implicit Control, that has been shown to obtain good results. In this work we propose the RAINBOW, a parallel execution model for the BEAM. We present a general overview of how to distribute work, propose alternative approaches towards addressing the binding problem for the EAM, and present a schedul ing strategy.

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