An Efficient Security Model of a Mobile Agent

E.-G. You and K.-S. Lee (Korea)


mobile agent, security, trusted domain, TDGM


As the proliferation of Internet, mobile agent has been studied as a new paradigm for distributed applications. In information retrieval, network and distributed system management, and electronic commerce, it has been known that a mobile agent provides flexibility and high performance than the traditional communication paradigm. Despite the performance benefits, a mobile agent is not used widely in the market because it is very vulnerable to a variety of attacks. In many studies related to the security vulnerability for a mobile agent, the high security causes the performance to degrade. In this paper, we propose and evaluate an efficient security model for a mobile agent using TDGM (Trusted Domain and Guide Manger), which provides three kinds of services: the trusted domain management, the security service and the travel plan guide. The result of our experiments clearly shows that this model provides high security and mitigates the performance degradation.

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