An Effective Analytical Model for Deflection Routing in Hierarchical Ring Interconnection Networks

H. Jiang (USA), V.C. Hamacher (Canada), and J. Huang (USA)


: Interconnection Networks, Deflection Routing, Performance Evaluation, Modelling and Sim ulation


-- Deflection routing as a method for resolving out put path selection conflicts in the crossover switches between levels in hierarchical ring networks is studied. These networks can be used to transfer cache line packets in a shared-memory multiprocessor. An approximate analytical model for 2- and 3 level hierarchies is developed for the determination of packet delay as a function of network configuration and offered traffic load. The model is shown to be very accurate for low to medium loads, with discrepancies from simulation results rising to about 14% for the 2-level hierarchy and to about 26% for the 3-level hierarchy, at high load when significant deflection traffic occurs.

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