Implementation and Evaluation of Shufflenet, Gemnet and De Bruijn Graph Logical Network Topologies

F. Tekiner, Z. Ghassemlooy, S. Al-Khayatt, and M. Thompson (UK)


Shufflenet, Gemnet, De Bruijn Graph, Interconnection Networks, Routing, Multihop Logical Topolgy, Network Topology.


In this paper, a generic model for implementing logical interconnection topologies in software has been proposed in order to investigate the performance of the logical topologies and their routing algorithms for packet based synchronous networks. This model is generic for synchronous transfer modes and therefore can be used in implementing any logical topology by using any programming language. Three topologies have been investigated and implemented namely: Shufflenet, De Bruijn graph and Gemnet. Results for the average packet delay show that the De Bruijn graph performed the worst. Also, it is observed that the De Bruijn graph makes use of buffering more efficiently compared to the other algorithms.

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