UPnP Connectivity for Home and Building Automation

W. Kastner and H. Scheichelbauer (Austria)


Home and Building Automation, Dynamic Networks


The increased mobility in peoples' work lives and the de mand for effective mobile communication has brought a lot of personal computing with mobile electronic devices like notebooks, smart phones and PDAs and as a consequence thereof heterogeneous computing. Additionally, due to ex tensive automation the term "smart" home and building has grown increasingly popular over the last years. However, to establish effective communication between nodes of a home and building network and consumer electronic de vices is often a hard to accomplish task that requires a lot of technical knowledge and maintenance effort. One tech nology that allows fundamentally different devices to com municate with each other without any set-up work or ad ministrative effort by the user is called Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). The article gives an overview of its capabil ities and presents a case study how to integrate devices of the European Installation Bus (EIB) into this environment.

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