cPEED: A Rapid Web Application Development Framework

B. Forstner and H. Charaf (Hungary)


web technologies, PHP, framework, rapid, web application


With the rapid growth of Internet users there is a definite demand on modern web application development. However, the methods and languages used for preparing static pages and the simple server-side scripts in the abstract are not adequate for developing complex applications. It is necessary to translate the conventional application developing methodologies, and to cover the peculiarities and difficulties deriving from the web environment with an appropriate framework. This paper will describe the appropriate solution in a PHP-based architecture to help creating web applications. Designing and implementing such an architecture is not sufficient in itself for incrementing the developer's efficiency, therefore it was also necessary to design base modules that solve the deficiencies coming from the conventional infrastructure and make the programmers write well-structured code. Because of the pure structure a number of the development steps can be automated. This realization led to the preparation of a code generator. With the integrated interface designed for it, the code generator can be easily extended when new ideas and demands arise.

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