Imposing Virtual Topologies on Cluster Computers

D. Nussbaum (Canada)


Vitual Topologies, MFP


In this paper we present a new embedding of spatial data onto a cluster computer. The embedding of the Multi-dimensional Fixed Partition Tree (MFP Tree) onto a Beowulf cluster imposes a virtual Torus topol ogy on the computer cluster. The MFP tree embed ding is designed to store large amounts spatial and geo graphical data in two and three dimensions on a cluster computer and to operate as a custodial system. The processing nature of spatial data is greatly impacted by proximity and topological association between the data objects. We show that by using a virtual Torus topology we can obtain good communication patterns between the nodes on the cluster and simplify parallel algorithms for processing the data. We compare the performance of the MFP Tree embedding to an un structured embedding (randomized embedding) and to the trivial circular embedding by evaluating a number of factors (e.g., node congestion).

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