The Impact of Delayed Acknowledgement on E-TCP Performance in Wireless Networks

D. Chandra, R.J. Harris (Australia), and N. Shenoy (USA)


TCP, E-TCP, delayed acknowledgements, wirelessnetwork.


The expansion of Internet into wireless network has been a very active area of research. One of the topics many researches focus on is the performance of TCP over wireless environment. TCP is an Internet transport protocol, which uses a cumulative acknowledgement strategy to adjust its transmission rate. In this paper we investigate the impact of two acknowledgement strategies employed by receivers known as basic acknowledgement and delayed acknowledgment on TCP performance. Thus, a simple analysis of implementing delayed acknowledgement in standard TCP will be presented. Further, we examine the impact of both acknowledgement strategies on the performance of our proposed E-TCP (Enhanced-TCP). We show that delayed acknowledgement mechanism has negative impact on E TCP performance in wireless networks.

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