Issues of Multihoming Implementation using SCTP

A. Ishtiaq (Pakistan), Y. Okabe, and M. Kanazawa (Japan)


IPv6, Multihoming, Transport Protocol,Network Performance.


The Internet may face a problem of physical failure at some specific location for a certain time due to any reasons. The user may switch to different ISP's to protect himself against such failure. This has given rise to the idea of Multihoming. A node having different IP addresses or could be reached under several IP address is said to be multihomed. So, the traffic from source to destination node may travel on a different physical path if different IP addresses are used, therefore, data delivery becomes tolerant against physical network failure and other problems of this kind. The Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) supports IP multihoming. It this paper we report some of the important issues related to multihoming that may effective adversely the performance at protocol level. We are investigating that which kind of alternative path would be better to get maximum performance of SCTP depending on bandwidth and latency of the alternative path. A number of simulation results are presented to discover the best path in the IPv6 multihoming aware routing algorithms that are now under considerations.

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