Scheduling Non-Real-Time Traffic in Earliest-Deadline-First Packet Scheduler

Y. Ryu (Korea)


Real-time packet scheduling, Earliest deadline first, Slack time


Real-time packet schedulers based on Earliest-Deadline First (EDF) policy have been studied to support end-to-end bounded delay for real-time traffic. In this paper, we study a packet scheduling scheme which services a mix of non real-time and real-time traffic under EDF scheduling algo rithm using slack time. Proposed method assigns a dead line to the non-real-time packet by calculating the slack time on-line and services the non-real-time packets along with the real-time packets using EDF algorithm. The time complexity for calculation of slack time and deadline as signment to the non-real-time packets is O(1) and thus the scheduling of non-real-time traffic can be performed at a low cost. We also presented an admission control algorithm which guarantees the schedulability of the real-time flows while providing the non-real-time flows with fast response time.

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