An Enterprise Security Model AAPN (Authenticator Accesspoint VPN) for WLAN using Intel-IXP1200 Network Processor

C. Chellappan and K. Rathi Anand (India)


Wireless LAN, AcessPoint, IPSEC, 802.1x,and Security.


This paper provides a security model for WLAN networks built using a network processor. This model encompasses the best security practices for the enterprise WLAN environment by integrating the 802.1x protocol functionality and VPN functionality in the AccessPoint. The model is named as "Authenticator AccessPoint VPN" (AAPN). Cryptographic functions have been widely implemented in network devices and this model is implemented using a network processor, Intel IXP1200, a widely used network processor. This paper focuses more on developing AAPN on the Intel IXP1200 and discusses the benefits of developing it in the network processor from the perspective of medium-large Enterprise WLAN.

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