Dynamic Multiple-route IP Transmission for Virtual Private Network

M. Ono and H. Higaki (Japan)


Network security, Virtual Private Network, Routing, Internet


For achieving secure communication against snoop ing, encryption is applied in the TCP/IP Internet. It is based on that too much computation is required for snooper to get an original data from an encrypted data. Hence, the higher performing computers are de veloped, the more complex encryption algorithms have to be designed and implemented. This paper proposes a novel methodology that IP datagrams are transmit ted through multiple routes determined dynamically. Since no additional function is introduced in routers, it is highly applicable. Finally, we evaluate overhead on the router in which ICMP encapsulated packets are processed. In addition, performance degradation of another IP transmission through the intermediate router for processing of ICMP encapsulated packets is also evaluated. The result shows the proposed method is reasonably implemented in the Internet.

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