Analysis of Gated Polling with Bursty Arrivals and Unreliable Server

N. Movahhedinia (Iran)


Queuing Theory, Polling, Bursty Arrivals, Service Failure


In many of practical cases of the cyclic service systems, especially when the arrivals come in batches, the Poison process is not adequate for modeling the arrival process. Moreover, the service may fail for some non-deterministic times. In this paper a general model for bursty arrivals, which is the superposition of many ON-OFF sources with different characteristics, has been used. Besides, we considered that service users are encountered with a specific Service Failure Rate (SFR). This system has been investigated analytically and the mean cycle time, the mean waiting time and the variance of the queue length at the polling instants have been derived. Finally a typical example has been simulated and the performance of gated polling is evaluated.

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