Intrusion Fault-tolerant System using Collaboration in Large Network

J. Yi, K. Park, and S. Kim (Korea)


Intrusion fault-tolerant system, collaborating model, Grid, isolation, redundancy


As computer systems become more complex and more widely distributed, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remove all vulnerabilities that can potentially be exploited by intruders or anonymous faults. In particular, the factors of failure in large network computing like Grid or Ubiquitous computing are much more various than those of other computing environments. In other words, the probability of intrusion and/or failures is higher than that of other environments. In that environment, intrusion fault-tolerance mechanism is a good solution to prevent failure of its operation. Intrusion fault-tolerance system is an emerging approach that aims to enable systems to continue functioning in spite of successful intrusions or unknown faults. In this paper, we propose distributed intrusion detection and collaboration system model for large networks. We also present the design considerations and collaboration model for intrusion fault-tolerant system. By efficiently merging audit data from multiple network sensors, we analyze the entire network for intrusion and try to inhibit intrusion attempts.

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