Wireless Wearable Information System

C. Li, M. Yang, and R. Venkateswarlu (Singapore)


Wireless audio, wireless video, command recognition, wearable computing, FPGA


The semiconductor industry could supply smaller and very low-power ICs without sacrificing computing capability. With technology advance, such as high density FPGA and SoC (System On-a-Chip) technology, it is possible to develop practical product with wearable computing utility. This paper proposes a prototype for wearable personal information system. It could accept user's voice command, like hibernating, data fetching, transmission, viewpoint change, display and device adjusting, and execute corresponding operation. It gives the user more freedom and hand-free facility. This paper proposed and prototyped a Wireless Wearable Information System (WWIS) with both audio and video transferring through wireless channel. We also present a novel audio capture device-- Mic-in-Tie. It does not need user to hold a microphone in hand, but it is hidden behind a tie. Wearing computing system could find extensive applications in warehouse operation, outdoor reconnaissance, even in gaming market, etc.

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