The Remultiplexing Architecture for Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Service based on Eureka-147

B. Bae, J. Yun, S. Cho, Y.K. Hahm, and S.I. Lee (Korea)


Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, MPEG-2 TS, Ensemble Remultiplexing, ETI frame reconstruction


A new transmission system is necessary for the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) service in Korea. So, in this paper, we propose the architecture of a new transmission system for DMB service base on Eureka 147. Ensemble Remultiplexer, which is of the essence of the proposed system to remultiplex ETI frame and MPEG-2 transport stream, is designed and implemented. The proposed system provides a solution with high flexibility and low cost for the multimedia broadcasting service. The functions of this transmission system have been verified by using our DMB receiver and other related systems.

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