An Approach for Providing Location Information in IP Enabled Emergency Communication Service

J. Liu, K. Kazaura, and M. Matsumoto (Japan)


Emergency Communication Service, DHCP, SIP, Location Information, VoIP.


The Emergency Communication Service is for disaster re covery operations. As IP enabled device are deployed widely, users of these services rightfully expect that their emergency calls are answered efficiently. A central prob lem in the transition to IP based emergency network is how to locate IP devices. For every emergency call made to the emergency control center, network operators should pro vide the location of the caller. However, some IP-based de vices may not have any system to be located. The existing model from analog network is not applicable. Emergency call in IP network is constrained by IP's flat addressing scheme and dynamic IP address assignment. This paper in troduces a way for providing location information of an IP telephony caller as payload of the Session Initiation Proto col (SIP), which convey civil location information of hosts by extending DHCP protocol. The signaling SIP contains the location information, either inserted by the end system or a signaling proxy along the way. This proposal enhance SIP to track down an emgergency caller and provides a ba sic structure adapted to the user capabilities.

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