The Overlay of Intelligent FDSS System on Narrow Band CDMA System

B. Taha-Ahmed, M. Calvo-Ramón, and L. de Haro Ariet (Spain)


N-CDMA, FDSS, IFDSS, Cell capacity, Overlay.


The capacity of Intelligent Frequency Diversity Spread Spectrum system (IFDSS) overlaid on top of a narrow band code division multiplexing access system (N CDMA) system is estimated. The carrier to interference ratios (CIR`s) of both the (FDSS) and (N-CDMA) systems are evaluated. It is assumed that the base stations of both systems are unilocated and that the power control of the uplink and downlink of both systems is imperfect. The number of the (FDSS) users that can be overlaid on the (N-CDMA) system is 186\ low bit rate users (8 kbits/sec.) or 17 data users (60 kbits/sec.).

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