Orthogonally-Multiplexed On-Off-Keyed Modulation

C.-D. Chung and H.-S. Liaw (PRC)


Orthogonal multiplexing modulation, on-off-keyed sig naling, pulse amplitude signaling, phase-shift-keyed signaling, coherent demodulation.


Combining the orthogonal multiplexing signaling and the on-off-keyed signaling, the orthogonally multiplexed on-off-keyed amplitude modulation (OMO2 AM) family and the orthogonally-multiplexed on-off-keyed phase modulation (OMO2 PM) family are proposed and investigated in this paper. Based on the maximum-likelihood principle, the optimum schemes for coherently demodulating OMO2 AM and OMO2 PM signals on the additive white Gaus sian noise channel are developed. Union bounds are developed to evaluate the bit error probability characteristics of the optimum schemes. The power spectral density characteristics are studied in terms of fractional power containment. The OMO2 AM and OMO2 PM schemes are found to provide not only the same trend as, but also significant improvement over, the conventional OMOAM [1] and OMOPM [2] schemes in spectral efficiency, while exhibiting very different trends in power efficiency. The OMO2 AM and OMO2 PM families also provide other choices of power and spectral efficiencies than the efficiencies achieved by the OMOAM and OMOPM families.

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