Detection of M-ary Signals for Ultra Wideband Multiple Access Systems

J. Koo, S. Yoon, J. Bae, S.Y. Kim, and I. Song (Korea)


Locally optimum, -ary signals, Detector, UWB, Stable distribution, Impulsive interference


In this paper, we propose a novel detection criterion for weak -ary signal detection. In the sense of minimizing the error probability, the proposed novel detection crite rion is optimum when the signal strength approaches zero. Based on the proposed novel detection criterion, a new de tector for ultra wideband multiple access systems is pro posed in the presence of impulsive interference modeled with the bivariate isotropic symmetric -stable distribu tion. Numerical results show that the proposed detector possesses less complexity than and about the same perfor mance as the detector optimized for the Cauchy distribu tion. In impulsive interference, the proposed detector also offers substantial performance improvement over the de tector optimized for the Gaussian distribution.

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