A Novel STFT Implementation for the Analysis of Non-Stationary Jammer Interference

L. Durak (Korea), O. Arikan (Turkey), and I. Song (Korea)


Non-stationary signal analysis, linear time-frequency dis tributions, short-time Fourier transform, generalized time bandwidth product, multi-component chirp jammers.


A novel adaptive short-time Fourier transform (STFT) implementation for the analysis of non-stationary multi component jammer signals is introduced. The pro posed time-frequency distribution is the fusion of optimum STFTs of individual signal components that are based on the recently introduced generalized time-bandwidth prod uct (GTBP) definition. The GTBP optimal STFTs of the components are combined through thresholding and ob taining the individual component support images, which are related with the corresponding GTBP optimal STFTs.

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