Experimental Analysis of Wavelet Transforms for Estimating PSK Symbol Rate

K.L. Holladay and K.A. Robbins (USA)


Symbol Rate, Wavelet, PSK


For automated surveillance applications, estimating the symbol rate of an unknown digital communication signal is an important step in the analysis process. Several papers have investigated using the wavelet transform in symbol rate estimation algorithms. Due to its complexity, closed form analysis of performance is often limited, and simulations may not include practical factors such as carrier frequency offset or symbol pulse shaping. This paper uses an automated statistically based test framework to investigate the performance of the wavelet transform against PSK signals with parameters that span a realistic portion of the High Frequency (HF) signal space. The analysis identifies signal and algorithm parameters that affect performance. We also demonstrate that accurate metrics for estimating the probability of failure/success under realistic operating conditions are available for the db6 wavelet.

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