A Modified Genetic Algorithm with Diversity Control for Synchronous Spread Spectrum Systems

L.M. San José-Revuelta (Spain)


Spread Spectrum, CDMA, Multiuser Detection, Micro Genetic Algorithm


A new method for controlling the diversity of the popu lation in a micro Genetic Algorithm is presented and ap plied to synchronous multiuser detection in spread spec trum digital communications. The Shannon entropy of the individuals' fitness is used to achieve an attractive balance between the exploration and exploitation of potential solu tions. The proposed multiuser detector is based on a sim plified Genetic Algorithm and is characterized by a very low computational load and good convergence properties. It constitutes an interesting alternative to other suboptimal multiuser detection schemes, which are frequently subject to the near-far problem and ISI-MAI interferences. Perfor mance comparisons are accomplished with standard GA based and classical detectors.

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