A Soft Decoding Scheme for Vector Quantization over a CDMA Channel

H.H. Nguyen (Canada)


Code-division multiple access, combined source and chan nel coding, multiuser detection, soft decoding, vector quan tization.


The optimal decoding of vector quantization (VQ) over a code-division multiple-access (CDMA) is too complicated for systems with a medium to large number of users. This paper presents a low-complexity, suboptimal decoder for VQ over a CDMA channel. The proposed decoder is built from a soft-output multiuser detector (MUD), a soft bit es timator and the optimal soft VQ decoding of an individual user. For each type of MUD, the soft-bit estimates are cal culated accordingly and then fed into the individual soft VQ decoders. Simulation results show that, with a lower complexity and good performance, the proposed decoding scheme is an attractive alternative to the more complicated optimal decoder.

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