The Rake and Pre-Rake System with Space-Time Block Code Channel Characteristics

Y.-W. Kim, R. Esmailzadeh, and M. Nakagawa (Japan)


Pre-Rake, Channel Estimation, STBC


The Pre-Rake diversity technique for the downlink trans mission in TDD-CDMA wireless systems has been shown to provide greater capacity and simpler receiver design at mobile receiver. Nevertheless, this technique is very affected by fast fading channel. In this paper, we propose a Pre-Rake system with the Space-Time Block Coding(STBC) technique. We show that the Bit-Error Rate(BER) performance difference between Rake and Pre Rake system with STBC is reduced in fast fading chan nel compared to that between conventional Rake and Pre Rake system. Also, our goal is to combine the advantage of Pre-Rake with the ability of STBC to reduce channel inter ference and increase diversity gain, thereby, improving the transmission quality.

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