An Improved Bound for Non-Binary Trellis-coded Communication Systems with Non-uniform Sources

B. Xu and J. Bajcsy (Canada)


Union bound, joint source-channel MAP decoding.


We extend the union bound performance evaluation technique to non-binary nonlinear codes with trellis structure which encode data from non-uniform data sources. The encoded data are corrupted by additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) on the channel and Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) message decoding is applied at the receiver. Upper bounds for word error probability (WEP) and symbol error rate (SER) are derived based on the union bound technique and an improved approximation of the Q-function. The resulting evaluation technique enables practical evaluation of the improved union bounds of WEP and SER, has linear computational complexity and is tight at WEP below 3 10 and SER below -4 10 .

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