Increasing Channel Capacity using a Dual-spaced Tri-Polarised (DSTP) MIMO System

M.C. Mtumbuka and D.J. Edwards (UK)


Communications Theory and Techniques, MIMO Channels, Polarization 1-


A Dual-Spaced, Tri-Polarized (DSTP) MIMO system that consists of a pair of spatially separated sets of three co located polarized antennas at both ends of the communications link is proposed. Experimental results show that such a 6x6 MIMO system exhibits correlation coefficients that are substantially below the 0.7 threshold. Eigenvalue analysis shows that the system transmission coefficient matrix has full rank with six orthogonal sub channels, which provide a 10% outage capacity gain of 23 b/s/Hz over the Single-Input Single-Output (SISO) System in NLOS and 20 b/s/Hz in LOS scenarios.

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