Fast Pilot Synchronization Schemes for DVB-H

L. Schwoerer (Germany)


DVB-H, frame synchronization, scattered pilots


Future DVB-H (DVB-Handheld, formerly 'DVB-X') [1] terminals will make intensive use of a TDM system called 'Time-Slicing' to cut power consumption to a reasonable number for a handheld environment. In order to fully exploit the potential power reduction, synchronization times of the DVB-H receiver must be kept to a minimum. In this paper, two new dedicated 'Fast Scattered Pilot Synchronization' schemes are proposed to substitute the conventional TPS based OFDM frame synchronization for finding the position of scattered pilots within an ORDM symbol. Synchronization Time (until Channel Estimation) can be cut down by 89% by using these new techniques. Simulations with a bittrue receiver model prove the usability of Fast Scattered Pilot Synchronization for all relevant channel conditions.

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