Bandpass Sampling with Normal Placement for Multiple Distinct RF Signals

M. Choe, J. Joo, H. Kang, and K. Kim (Korea)


Software Defined Radio, Multiple RF signals, Bandpass Sampling Range, and Sampling Range Formulas.


The receiver on the basis of Software Defined Radio has a single hardware supporting various communication stan dards by using software. In this receiver, to recover each baseband signal, the received Radio Frequency(RF) signals should be directly down-converted to an Intermediate Fre quency in digital domain by an Analog to Digital Converter using the bandpass sampling scheme. In this paper, we propose a bandpass sampling scheme to get the digital signal with multiple IF spectrums arranged in order of carrier frequency. In addition, a gen eralized formula is derived to choose the valid bandpass sampling range for the multiple distinct RF signals. The formula is verified by using SystemV iewT M simulation.

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