Advanced System-On-Package (SOP) Multilayer Architectures for RF/Wireless Systems up to Millimeter-Wave Frequency Bands

D. Thompson, J. Lee, S. Pinel, K. Lim, G. DeJean, R. Li, M. Tentzeris, and J. Laskar (USA)


Soft and hard surfaces (SHS), patch antennas, cavity resonator filters, high-Q passives, multilayer integration


This paper reviews the development of advanced System on-Package (SOP) architectures for compact and low cost wireless RF wireless systems. A miniaturized stacked patch antenna adopting soft-and-hard surface structures (SHS) in LTCC and cavity resonator filters in Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) using inter-resonance coupling mechanism for V-band applications are presented. In addition, the high Q-factor inductors fabricated on the LCP-based multi-layer substrate demonstrate superior performance than conventional organic packages.

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