Efficient Connectionless Semi-compulsory Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Y. Sun, X. Cui, and K. Alagarsamy (Canada)


Mobile ad hoc networks, Routing, Connectionless Semi compulsory routing.


Routing is a fundamental problem in computer networks. Numerous protocols have been proposed in the litera ture to solve the routing problem in mobile ad-hoc net works. We classify them into two categories: connection oriented routing protocols and connectionless routing pro tocols. Connection-oriented routing protocols are surveyed in [1, 7] and a survey of connectionless routing protocols is presented in [8]. In this paper, we identify the fundamental factors responsible for the performance of connectionless semi compulsory routing protocols. Based on this observa tion, we design and propose two connectionless semi compulsory routing protocols. We conducted a limited sim ulation study and the results show that our protocols per form better than the recent protocols in their class.

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