Power Control Routing for High Throughput in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

M. Ono and H. Higaki (Japan)


Wireless Technologies, Mobile Adhoc Network, Routingprotocol, Power control


A Mobile computer changes its location from time to time. Wireless communication protocols, e.g. IEEE802.11 and HIPERLAN, are widely available in mobile ad-hoc net works. By controlling signal transmission power in a mo bile computer, transmission range of the signal is changed. By increasing the signal transmission power, the number of hops for transmitting a message between two mobile com puters is reduced. On the other hand, by reducing the signal transmission power, the probability of contention and col lision in signal transmission is also reduced. Hence, there is a trade off in controlling the signal transmission power in order to reduce an end-to-end message transmission de lay. This paper proposes two algorithms for finding another path by controlling signal transmission power for achiev ing shorter message transmission delay. These algorithms are invoked locally in each mobile computer on a path, i.e. these are not centralized one in a mobile ad-hoc network.

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