Virtual Polar Coordinate Space with Fuzzy Preserving Consideration for Sensor Networks

W. Chen, T.-Y. Wu, and H.-C. Chao (Taiwan)


-VPCS, Tree-like system, Fuzzy system


One of the major problems in sensor networks is how to build the topology aligning with the practical environment. This paper proposes a novel method to build a logical tree in VPCS (Virtual Polar Coordinate Space), and such tree structure gives every node a pair of ID, which is represented as an included angle. An angle range is a characteristic to indicate the relationship between the current node and the destination node. However, we could provide some efficient routing strategies of utilizing cross-links in our tree without additional information in such a structure. Finally, we consider the maintenance of tree structure in a mobile environment. Tree-like architecture is suitable for message passing in sensor networks, but it is a challenge to maintain a tree-like structure, especially the communication radius is limited in sensor networks. The key point of mobility in VPCS is using the Fuzzy system to estimate and preserve the amount of angle range which should be preserved between sub-trees.

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