Hierarchical Mobile IP ns-2 Extensions for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

S. Aust, N.A. Fikouras, M. Sessinghaus, C. Görg, and C. Pampu (Germany)


-- Hierarchical Mobile IP, Ad hoc, AODV, Network Simulator (ns-2), handover.


--This paper describes and evaluates extensions for the support of the hierarchical Mobile IP protocol in the Network Simulator (ns-2). These extensions allow for the definition of multi-level hierarchies while allowing for automatic configuration of simulation scenarios. The hierarchical organisation of the Mobile IP infrastructure aims to enhance its scalability and to accelerate handovers that result in low packet loss. Furthermore, hierarchical Mobile IP and the interworking with ad hoc protocols such as AODV are presented in this study. This paper provides an overview of the implementation of hierarchical Mobile IP in ns-2 accompanied by initial results with a focus on protocol overhead.

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