RF CMOS Receiver Front End using a Reflex Amplifier

R. Kuzet, M. Chilukuri, S. Puthenpurayil, H. Foltz, and E. John (USA)


low-power RF, reflex receiver, reflex amplifier, CMOS receiver


Simulation results are presented for an RF CMOS receiver front-end using a reflex topology. The reflex concept is a well-known technique in which one amplifier stage is used at two different points in the signal path, thus reducing the number of high current stages required. In our design the LNA and first IF amplifier stages were combined, using a set of passive diplexers to separate the signal paths. A Gilbert cell mixer provides down conversion. The complete circuit is simulated at 900 MHz RF, and shows substantial gain with low noise figure. Two different CMOS processes (0.18 m and 0.5 m) were used in the simulations with successful results.

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