OSPF Database Exchange and Reliable Synchronization in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

E. Baccelli, T.H. Clausen, and P. Jacquet (France)


mobile, ad hoc, network, OSPF, database, synchronization.


In this paper, we expose the need for an alternate mecha nism replacing usual database exchange and reliable syn chronization in OSPF for mobile ad hoc environments. A mechanism for link-state database exchanges in wireless ad hoc networks is proposed, aiming at `completing the adap tation of OSPF for ad hoc networks started in [1]. This adapted mechanism is specified with the following applica tions in mind: (i) Reliable diffusion of link-state informa tion replacing OSPF acknowledgements with a mechanism suitable for mobile wireless networks; (ii) Reduced overhead for performing OSPF style database exchanges in a mobile wireless network; (iii) Reduced initialization time when new nodes are emerging in the network; (iv) Reduced overhead and reduced convergence time when several wireless OSPF ad hoc network clouds merge.

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