A Method of Secure Route Finding in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

P.P. Dixit and P. Venkataram (India)


Routing, Security, Mobile ad hoc networks


The wireless mobile ad hoc networks are gaining impor tance because of their versatility, mobility and ability to work with less infrastructure. To establish a secure path between two parties is a complex task in wireless networks because of the wireless problems of insecure medium. These problems are still more complex in ad hoc wireless networks because every node is no longer an end-system but also acts as an intermediate system. There have been some methods to find secure routing in wireless networks but not much has been done in ad hoc wireless networks. In this work we focus to design a security mechanism to be deployed while performing the routing in the ad hoc wireless networks. We have proposed a cluster based rout ing mechanism to find a secure route which allows high mobility of hosts and adopts to various network changes, like congestion, bandwidth availability and reliability . The designed algorithm has been tested in various ad hoc wire less environments with the finite number of clusters where each cluster has a set of mobile hosts moving from one cluster to other. The result of the technique demonstrates providing a highly secure path with the minimum over heads.

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