An Adaptive Location-aware Path Finding Approach for Ad Hoc Networks

B.-L. Su, R.Y.-M. Huang, and F. Lee (Taiwan)


Wireless Ad Hoc Network, Flooding, Dijkstra Shortest Path Algorithm, Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast.


In this paper, an efficient single-flooding algorithm for collecting the node location information in a wireless ad hoc network is provided. But the traditional approach needs n times of flooding. Our approach assumes that each node knows its own location by a position system device, such as GPS device or geographical electronic map. Next, we use these nodes information, as an undirected graph, and a modified Dijkstra algorithm to determine the packet transmission paths. Using these paths, we describe how to perform unicast, multicast and broadcast in the network easily. Considering the frequent change of network node locations, we propose the method of shrinking its transmission ranges to reduce overheads for node moving. Furthermore, we discuss the transmission handling for node reorganization. Finally, we show our advantages in this paper and open problems in this popular research area.

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