Adaptive Power Control Dynamic Range for Multimedia Service in W-CDMA

H. Park and J. Lim (Korea)


Power Control, W-CDMA, Power Control Dynamic Range (PCDR), Multimedia Service


WidebandCDMA (W-CDMA) downlink uses a closed-loop power control scheme to optimize radio resource consumption. Base station (BS) adjusts the transmission power of a Mobile Station (MS) using the closed-loop power control scheme. To restrict the transmission power range of a MS, 3GPP uses a Power Control Dynamic Range (PCDR). In fast fading environments, the transmission power required by a MS fluctuates significantly. The PCDR cannot operate properly because of the fixed range of it. Therefore, it causes severe interferences to other MSs and wastes resources. In this paper, we propose an Adaptive PCDR algorithm(APCDR). The APCDR algorithm dynamically changes MS's maximum code channel power. In the proposed algorithm, BS is able to save radio resource from fast fading effect. We verify the performance of the proposed algorithm by simulation. Simulation results indicate that the APCDR algorithm has high performance than fixed PCDR algorithm.

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