A Method of Providing Bandwidth Guarantee in Multiuser Wireless LAN Environment

S. Chetan Kumar, P. Venkataram, and R. Sircar (India)


Wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11, PCF MAC, multimedia, bandwidth guarantee.


With increasing demand for multimedia ser vices over the packet data network infrastructure, WLAN networks are being considered as a good alternative to its wired counterparts due to the usual wireless advantage. However the MAC protocol defined by IEEE (based on Distributed Coordinated Function) does not provide QoS guarantee to run streaming media applications. In this paper we describe a scheme to support band width guarantee in a multiuser environment with modifica tion to PCF. We have tested the designed method by sim ulating various multimedia applications using ns-2 simula tor. The simulation results show, with the proposed modifi cation we can allocate the guaranteed bandwidth to multi ple users and also ensure that optimal utilization of channel in spite of wireless problem.

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