Extending Adaptive ECC Scheme for Window-constrained Real-Time Communications in Wireless Networks

K.H. Kim, J. Kim, and S.J. Hong (Korea)


Wireless technologies, Wireless LANs, Window constrained real-time communication, Error-correcting codes


The technological development of the wireless environ ment has made real-time communications possible in wire less networks. Many studies have been done on real-time communications in wireless networks in order to overcome a higher bit error rate in wireless channels. However, no work deals with the window-constrained real-time commu nications in wireless networks, which is a recent issue in real-time systems. In this paper, we propose an adaptive error-correcting scheme for the window-constrained real time communications in wireless networks to maximize the expected net profit. The proposed scheme adaptively se lects an error-correcting code under the current air state and the (, )-constraint of a message stream. Through out simulation results, we show that the suggested scheme provides more profit than single error-correcting schemes.

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