An Asset Framework of M-ticketing

G. Me (Italy)


Mobile ticketing, Total Cost of Use, Usefulness


Mobile devices enable users to have ubiquitous access to resources and perform purchases, payments, authentica tion, storage. Booking travel or tickets for events over the Internet is already big business, getting always bigger, and the Internet provides a convenient way to check availabil ity, purchase and confirm bookings. Furthermore, short range networks, as Bluetooth, are go ing to introduce a new transaction paradigm, creating new relationships and roles between the actors of m-payment in new business scenarios. This paper preliminarily pre sents a m-ticketing prototype to access to shows, e.g. thea tre, using only electronic transactions and electronic proofs of access/usage, regarding to ease of use, conven ience and security requirements on PDA. Then presents a general mobile service asset framework and its use to evaluate the convenience for users.

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