Automatic Gait Generation for Various Stairs

K.-J. Park, C.-Y. Lee, and I.-H. Lee (Korea)


Computer Animation, Motion Editing, Virtual Reality, Inverse Kinematics


In this paper, we present an automatic gait generation method that a virtual character adapts to various undulating stairs that have different height, length and depth including spiral stairs. To achieve the motion that a human-like character walks in a layered environment, most animator consider using a motion capture system or key-frame animation case by case. Motion capture technology is the most general method to present the motion of a 3D human-like virtual character naturally. But this approach has typically two demerits to animate a character directly. One is that a given motion capture data is physically valid in specified physic space; the other is that specifying the motion of a human-like character is a difficult problem due to the large number of degrees of freedoms(DOF) involved. This fact means motion editing process is not easy. It is necessary to develop the method to edit a motion capture data that contains gait animation for a stair to another, because motion data generated by motion capture is not suitable to another uneven environment without editing. Our approach is helpful to decrease the cost of motion capture process to obtain a desired motion.

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