A Fast Rendering Method of Clouds using Shadow-View Slices

R. Miyazaki, Y. Dobashi, and T. Nishita (Japan)


Clouds, Natural Phenomena, Atmospheric Effects, Volume Rendering, Graphics Hardware.


Clouds make an important contribution when composing images for various applications such as virtual outdoor scenes. An efficient rendering method is proposed for the rendering of clouds suitable for graphics hardware. Most of the calculations for rendering clouds are processed by texture operations in the graphics hardware. The method creates images of clouds processing photo realism by taking into account the single scattering of light, shadows on the ground, and shafts of light through the clouds. It is necessary to consider the light attenuation in the sun direction and in the view direction to render the volume data of the cloud density. These attenuations are calculated in a single step, using a sectional technique called "shadow-view slice".

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