Out-of-core Interactive Display of Large Meshes using an Oriented Bounding Box-based Hardware Depth Query

H. Ha, B.F. Gregorski, and K.I. Joy (USA)


Large Triangle Meshes, Interactive Rendering, Occlusion Culling, Hardware Acceleration Methods


In this paper we present an occlusion culling method that uses hardware-based depth queries on oriented bounding boxes to cull unseen geometric primitives efficiently. An out-of-core design en ables this method to interactively display data sets that are too large to fit into main memory. During a preprocessing phase, a spatial subdivision (such as an octree or BSP tree) of a given data set is con structed where, for each node, an oriented bounding box containing mesh primitives is computed using principal component analysis (PCA). At runtime, the tree indicated by the spatial subdivision is traversed in front-to-back order, and only nodes that are determined to be visible, based on a hardware accelerated depth query, are ren dered.

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